TSC Threatens Striking JSS Intern Teachers

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The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has instructed striking intern teachers to return to school with immediate effect.

According to TSC, the Internship Programme is a national government initiative designed to provide practical working experience.

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In a statement issued on Tuesday, May 14 ,TSC noted that the striking intern teachers are defying court orders.

“The Commission calls upon the teacher interns engaged under the programme to obey the court order and go back to school as teaching and learning in all public schools formally resumed on May 13, 2024,” the statement read.

The court initially ruled in favor of the petitioner but stayed the judgment until August 1, 2024. This followed a petition by the Forum for Good Governance and Human Rights challenging the Teacher Internship Programme.

TSC offices in Nairobi ; Image/File

Junior Secondary School intern teachers have vowed to continue protesting nationwide until TSC offers them permanent and pensionable employment terms. Currently, these intern teachers are employed on annual contracts.

Justice Bryrum Ongaya of the Employment and Labour Relations Court ruled on April 17 that TSC violated the intern teachers’ right to fair labor practices, noting that they are qualified and hold teaching licenses. “The respondents have not shown statutory, regulatory, or policy arrangements that would entitle the first respondent (TSC) to employ interns,” Ongaya stated in the ruling.

“Ideally, the first respondent should employ registered teachers on non-discriminatory terms to meet the optimal staffing needs in public schools,” the ruling added.

On Monday, Owino Okelo, Chairperson of the Nairobi County JSS intern teachers, led a protest.

“There will be continuous strikes by JSS teachers in Nairobi and across the country until we are granted permanent and pensionable terms,” Okelo declared.

Okelo stated that the teachers would not return to schools as interns, deeming it illegal per the court’s ruling that the TSC internship programme is unlawful.

“We are complying with the court order by staying away from schools, and all teachers will engage in peaceful demonstrations to urge TSC to comply with the court ruling,” he said.

The teachers are demanding permanent and pensionable employment and compensation for the period they worked without pay as interns.


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