Government Sets aside Ksh1 Billion for Reconstruction of Schools

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The government has allocated Sh1 billion for the nationwide reconstruction of schools damaged by floods.

During a visit to Mathare, President William Ruto assured that all schools would be refurbished to ensure a seamless return to education once they reopen.

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“Our students who are still in school, their schools have been destroyed, I want to assure you that the government has set aside Sh1 billion, so that we may reconstruct the schools and ensure that every child in Nairobi, and other parts of the country and other parts o the country goes back to school when we give a directive to reopen,” he stated.

Due to the persistent heavy rains, President Ruto postponed the reopening of schools, which was initially planned for yesterday Monday May 6th.

Besides, the head of state  pledged government assistance to those who have lost their homes and belongings in the floods, promising support to help them recover.

“We are committed to ensuring no citizen goes hungry. Adequate provisions have been made to supply food until the situation stabilizes. Every affected citizen, both in Nairobi and nationwide, will receive sufficient support,” he affirmed.

The Ministry of Interior, in a statement released on Sunday, May 5, revealed that the devastating floods have resulted in 164 injuries and 72 individuals reported missing, affecting nearly 213,000 people.

According to the ministry, a total of 1,967 schools have been impacted, leading to the displacement of 42,526 households. The heavy rains have affected approximately 227,238 individuals.

In response, the government has established 138 camps spread across 18 counties, currently providing shelter for 62,061 people.

The weather forecast indicates that 37 counties, including areas in the Coast, Western, Lake Victoria Basin, Central, Eastern, Rift Valley, and Nairobi regions, will experience moderate to heavy rainfall and thunderstorms.

Low-lying areas, riparian zones, and urban centers are at risk of flooding, while regions with steep slopes, escarpments, and ravines may face landslides and mudslides.


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