US Embassy Introduces New Visa Processing Requirements

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The US Embassy in Nairobi has unveiled new Visa processing requirements in an effort to enhance the applicant experience.

Via its official channel, formerly Twitter handle X, the Embassy on Monday announced a deadline of May 18 for compliance.

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According to the new guidelines, all non-immigrant visa seekers must furnish the identical DS-160 application form utilized for appointment booking at their visa interview.

Non-immigrant visas cater to individuals seeking temporary entry into the United States, be it for tourism, medical purposes, business, temporary employment, study, or similar motives.

“Failure to comply with the below will result in the cancellation of their Visa appointment,” warned the Embassy.

Applicants must retrieve their DS-160 confirmation page and verify the DS-160 number on their account matches that on the confirmation page by logging into their account at

“If the numbers align, proceed with your scheduled interview,” advised the Embassy.

General Service unit (GSU) secures the entrance to the new US embassy in Nairobi

However, if the confirmation numbers don’t match, applicants must visit to complete a new DS-160 as instructed.

They should then print the confirmation page for the updated DS-160 and present it at their new appointment.

Applicants are further instructed to log into their account at, click on the gear icon, and select the edit button to substitute the old DS-160 number with the new one.

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For those encountering difficulties in entering the new DS-160 number, the Embassy suggests clicking on ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of the webpage for assistance.

“If you fail to confirm or update your DS-160 number by May 18, the U.S. Embassy will cancel your appointment and instruct you to schedule a new appointment,” cautioned the Embassy.

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