Why Teachers Sometimes Change TSC Pay Point Accounts

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Teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) have the option of changing their  pay point accounts owing to various. reasons.

For instance, many teachers opt to change their pay points in order to meet the criteria set by financial institutions, which often require salary accounts to be opened with them for certain benefits.

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Besides, teachers may seek to switch pay points to access banking services and Saccos with extensive ATM networks, allowing for convenient transactions at various establishments like supermarkets, hotels, and gas stations.

If you’re considering changing your pay point, it’s essential to maintain your old account’s activity until your salary transfers have successfully transitioned to the new account at least once.

However, depending on when you submit your request for a pay point change, there may be delays in processing before the commission updates your new account information for the upcoming payroll.

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In such cases, your monthly earnings could mistakenly be deposited into your closed account and later returned to TSC by the bank or Sacco, potentially causing financial strain.

Due to regulations prohibiting financial institutions from depositing funds into closed accounts, any unused funds must be sent back to the sender, leading to a reversal of the money to TSC.

To reclaim the reversed funds from TSC, your Sacco or bank must identify the unapplied money during their reconciliation process.

Subsequently, TSC will send a letter to the teachers explaining the reason for the closure or change of account that led to the salary return and request updated pay point information.

This entire process can be cumbersome and time-consuming, underscoring the importance of maintaining activity in your old account when changing your pay point.


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