TSC Transfer Process; All a Teacher should Know

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The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) moved its Transfer services from analog access/manual application  to digital through TSC Online portal.

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*The teacher for personal reasons.

*The Commission on staff balancing.

How To Apply for a Transfer

To apply for a transfer, a teacher should visit the TSC online application portal accessible through the TSC website.
The portal is designed to guide a teacher smoothly through the application process from start to finish.

TSC offices in Nairobi ; Image/File

Tracking TSC Transfer Status

Once a teacher has applied for a transfer, he/she can track the status of their application through the online portal.

Here’s what each status means

Acknowledged: Your request is under Consideration, pending a suitable replacement.

Not Approved: Your transfer request cannot be processed at this time due to the absence of a vacancy or a suitable replacement.

Approved: Your transfer has been authorized. KEY CONSIDERA TIONS FOR TRANSFER The approval of a transfer request depends on several factors:
*Availability of a vacancy
*Need for suitable replacement.

*To minimize disruption to school programs, transfers are scheduled during school holidays.


TSC County Director: Manages the transfers within the County.
TSC Regional Director: Handles transfer of a teacher from one station to another within the same region but different counties

TSC HQ: Handles transfers that involve moving from one region to another.


Once a transfer is approved, transferred teachers are required to be released from their current station and report to the new station within the stipulated time period.

Teacher transfer is supported by an online application system that aids in reducing unnecessary travel and wait times at TSC headquarters. By understanding the outlined procedures and utilizing the available digital tools, teachers can navigate to check on transfer status with ease.

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