Ministry to Build 16,000 Classrooms Ahead of Grade 9 Enrollment

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Basic Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang has announced that the Ministry of Education plans to build 16,000 new classrooms to accommodate the first batch of Grade 9 students in 2025.

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Belio emphasized that the classrooms will be completed by January 2025, ensuring that schools are prepared to enroll Grade 9 students.

The PS emphasized the importance of creating a conducive learning environment for students.

Besides, he reassured that the government is dedicated to supplying the necessary human resources to support quality education.

Ps Kipsang stated that the Ministry plans to recruit 20,000 teachers in the upcoming financial year, a move aimed at bolstering the implementation of the junior school curriculum.

Basic education PS Belio Kipsang; Image/File

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu addressed the shortage of classrooms, stating that the Ministry lacks 15,021 classrooms required for Grade 9 students in 2025.

Machogu recently discussed the matter during a Senate session in response to a query raised by Nominated Senator Eddy Oketch.

Machogu outlined the steps taken by the government to address the infrastructure deficit.

He highlighted the allocation of a conditional grant of Sh3.39 billion to the NG-CDF, which will be used to construct classrooms across constituencies.

He also mentioned collaboration with the World Bank, securing an additional allocation of Sh9 billion for the construction of 9,000 classrooms, totaling 15,000 new classrooms.

CS Machogu  expressed confidence that these efforts will ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place to accommodate Grade 9 students in 2025.


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