TSC House Allowance For Grade C1 Teachers

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The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) pays monthly income and additional allowances, including house allowance, to teachers under various grades, including those in C1.

Understanding the house allowance amounts as part of the teacher compensation enables teachers to plan their finances better.

It’s important to note that teachers classified as C1 are diploma holders.

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Some of the Grade C1 teachers under the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) scale include Secondary Teacher III, Lecturer III, Primary Teacher I, and Primary Teacher II.

The monthly House Allowance paid to various C1 teachers varies based on their location of work.

As a result, the Commission has categorized different working areas into clusters, which brings variation in the allowance paid under each cluster.

Here’s a breakdown:

S/no teacher Grade TSC Scale Area of work House Allowance
1 C1 6 Nairobi City 

Cluster 1

sh. 10,000
2 C1 6 Mombasa city  Kisumu city Nakuru Cities, Nyeri, Eldoret, Thika, Kisii town , Malindi and Kitale town Municipalities 

Cluster 2

sh. 7,500
3 C1 6 Other Former Municipalities 

Cluster 3

sh. 5,800
4 C1 6 All Other Areas 

Cluster 4

sh. 5,000
teacher in class in kenya

A teacher in class in Kenya; Image/File


The translation of the table above is as follows:

– Teachers working in Nairobi City receive a monthly house allowance of sh. 10,000.

– In cluster 2 areas, which include Mombasa and Kisumu, TSC teachers receive a C1 house allowance of sh. 7,500.

– Under cluster 3, teachers in other former municipalities receive sh. 5,800.

– For cluster 4, which covers all other areas, TSC pays a house allowance of sh. 5,000 per month.

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