TSC Teacher Transition Determinant From Grade C2 to C3

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The Grade C2 teacher position represents both a step forward for TSC primary school teachers and an entry point into administrative roles before advancing to Grade C3.

Currently promotion to Grade C2 for primary school teachers is not automatic.

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Teachers must undergo a competitive selection process based on available positions to determine eligibility for promotion.

Eligibility Criteria for Grade C2 Appointments

To qualify for a Grade C2 appointment, primary teachers must have a minimum of three years’ experience in the Primary Teacher I position under T-Scale 6.

Promotion hinges on participation in promotion interviews, enabling Senior Teacher II in Grade C2 to progress to Senior Teacher I in Grade C3.

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Diploma Teachers in Secondary Schools

Secondary school teachers with a Diploma are eligible to move to Grade C2 after three years of dedicated service in Grade C1.

Unlike primary school, where interviews are necessary, secondary school diploma teachers at Grade C1 are automatically promoted to Grade C2 within the same subject area.

Transition from Grade C2 to C3 for Diploma Teachers

For secondary school diploma teachers to advance to Grade C3, they must undergo a promotional interview; automatic promotion is not granted.

Grade C2 serves as the entry point for graduate teachers in secondary schools. Upon hiring, they are automatically promoted to Grade C3 after three years of service.

Promotion from Grade C2 to C3 for Degree Teachers

Degree-holding graduate teachers in secondary schools are automatically promoted to Grade C3 without additional interviews or examinations after serving for three years.

It is crucial to note that transitioning from Grade C2 to C3 within the TSC involves factors such as dedication and teaching experience, regardless of whether in primary or secondary education.

Besides, as teachers progress between grades, their monthly salary and allowances are likely to increase accordingly.

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