TSC Analysis on Salary Scales and Job Grading System for Teachers

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No  New TSC Titles  TS C Grade T-salary scale
a The Chief Principal D5 T-Scale 15
b The Senior Principal D4 T-Scale 14
c The Principal and Deputy Principal I D3 T-Scale 13
d The Deputy Principal II Senior Master I Senior Lecturer I D2 T-Scale 12
e The Senior Master II Deputy Principal III Senior Head teacher Senior Lecturer II Curriculum Support Officer I D1 T-Scale 11
F The Senior Master III Senior Lecturer III Head teacher Deputy Head teacher I Curriculum Support Officer II C5 T-Scale 10
g The Senior Lecturer IV Senior Master IVSNE Senior Teacher – Primary SNE Teacher I – Secondary Deputy Head teacher II C4 T-Scale 9
h The Secondary Teacher I Lecturer ISNE Teacher I – Primary SNE Teacher II – Secondary Senior Teacher I C3 T-Scale 8
i The Secondary Teacher IISNE Teacher II – Primary Lecturer II Senior Teacher II C2 T-Scale 7
j The Secondary Teacher III Lecturer III Primary Teacher I C1 T-Scale 6
k The Primary Teacher II B5 T-Scale 5


In 2024, TSC conducted a review of the salary structure for teachers across different job groups in both primary and secondary schools. This review resulted in revised pay rises, which are being implemented in two phases.

The first phase of the review commenced on July 1, 2023, while the second phase is scheduled for July 1, 2024, specifically targeting teachers currently in active service.

Latest TSC Grading System

No. TSC Title Teacher Grade Monthly Salary
1 The Chief principals Grade D5 (T-Scale 15) btwn Ksh. 131,380 – Ksh. 159,534
2 The Senior principals Grade D4 (T-Scale 14) btwn Ksh. 118,242 – Ksh. 143,581
3 The Principals Deputy principal 1 Grade D3 (T-Scale 13) btwn Ksh. 105,182 – Ksh. 127,069
4 The Deputy principal II Senior master I Grade D2 (T-Scale 12) btwn Ksh. 92,119 – Ksh. 110,551
5 The Senior master II Deputy principal III Senior head teacher Grade D1 (T-Scale 11) btwn Ksh. 78,625 – Ksh. 95,101
6 The Senior master III Senior lecturer III Head teacher Deputy head teacher I Grade C5 (T-Scale 10) btwn Ksh. 62,272 – Ksh. 78,667
7 The Senior lecturer IV Senior master IVSNE senior teacher (Primary)SNE teacher I (Secondary)Deputy head teacher II Grade C4 (T-Scale 9)  btwn Ksh. 52,308 – Ksh. 67,220
8 The Secondary teacher I Lecturer ISNE teacher I (Primary)SNE teacher II (Secondary)Senior teacher I Grade C3 (T-Scale 8) btw Ksh. 44,412 – Ksh. 56,514
9 The Secondary teacher IISNE teacher II (Primary)Lecturer II Senior teacher II Grade C2 (T-Scale 7) btw Ksh. 36,621 – Ksh. 45,776
10 The Secondary teacher III Lecturer III Primary teacher I Grade C1 (T-Scale 6) Btw Ksh. 28,491 – Ksh. 35,614
11 The Primary teacher II Grade B5 (T-Scale 5) Btwn Ksh. 22,793 – Ksh. 28,491

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