Cs Machogu : New Compulsory CBC Subject Introduced

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Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu announced on Monday, April 15, that performing arts has been made a compulsory subject of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

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Addressing attendees at Kangaru Girls High School in Embu County during the Kenya National Drama and Music Festival, CS Machogu emphasized that performing arts will now be integrated into the CBC, spanning from pre-primary to tertiary levels.

“We are set to provide comprehensive learning materials to support the incorporation of performing arts into the CBC curriculum,” he stated.

Education Cs Ezekiel M SPEAKING AT

Machogu insisted that every school will be required to participate in performing arts competitions, highlighting that it is no longer an optional activity but a mandatory one that the government is prioritizing.

Recognizing the abundant talent among Kenyan children in drama and music, Machogu emphasized the importance of nurturing these talents with adequate support.

“We are making substantial investments in the performing arts to harness the immense potential within our country. Our youth possess remarkable talent capable of competing on international platforms,” he remarked.

Machogu expressed satisfaction with the progress witnessed in performance levels compared to previous competitions, citing notable improvements.

Besides, he assured that the government is fully committed to ensuring the success of the CBC, outlining plans to recruit 20,000 additional teachers and construct more classrooms to accommodate junior secondary school learners.

The ministry of education has earmarked an allocation of Sh9 billion for infrastructure development this year, with a focus on expanding learning spaces.

He also disclosed plans to increase the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) to enable Members of Parliament to facilitate the construction of adequate classrooms for CBC learners.

Machogu reiterated the government’s capability to effectively implement the CBC, affirming its dedication to a seamless and successful execution of the curriculum.


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