Five Factors TSC Considers Before Approval of Online Transfer Requests

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Before a teacher’s transfer request is approved by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), various factors are carefully considered by the teachers employers . TSC evaluates certain details when assessing inter-county transfer requests, particularly for delocalized teachers.

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TSC places importance on maintaining a balanced staff distribution within each Sub County to prevent severe shortages while addressing the needs of delocalized teachers.

The factors deemed relevant by TSC for approving teacher transfers include:

1. Teacher’s Age:

Previously, teachers aged 56 and above were ineligible to seek transfers from their current work stations. However, following the TSC delocalization initiative, transfer requests for teachers aged 50 and above are now promptly approved. Many school heads within this age bracket were relocated from their counties since 2018.

2. Teacher’s Health Status:

TSC prioritizes transfer requests for teachers with documented terminal illnesses. Teachers with chronic conditions like High Blood Pressure and Diabetes also receive expedited consideration. They are required to submit medical documents and demonstrate accessibility to appropriate medical facilities.

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3. Teachers with Disabilities:

Teachers with proper certification, who were previously exempted from transfers outside their sub-county, now receive top priority when requesting transfers.

Mrs Winfred Kathure, a teacher at M.C.K. Kaaga Primary School in Meru County, central Kenya in class ; Image/x

4. Family Considerations:

TSC now considers family circumstances as a significant factor, particularly in re-routing delocalized teachers back to their home areas. Teachers seeking such transfers must provide a marriage certificate or affidavit as proof.

5. Length of Service:

TSC now approves transfers for teachers who have served in a station for less than three years in normal areas. Previously, teachers were required to wait five years before expressing transfer requests, both in North Eastern and other areas, since their first appointment.

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