Ministry of Education Reveals Fate of Grade 9 CBC Learners

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To allay mounting concerns and conjecture among parents, the Ministry of Education has assured a seamless transition for Junior Secondary School (JSS) pupils to Senior School, countering calls from certain education stakeholders to shift grade 9 of Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) to secondary schools.

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Thi means that the inaugural class of the CBC will progress through their educational journey in their current institutions as they advance to Grade 9 next year.

Principal Secretary of Basic Education Belio Kipsang addressing the issue on Wednesday, April 3, dispelled worries regarding the readiness of junior schools to accommodate Grade 9 learners.

Recognizing the effort required for the transition, Kipsang disclosed plans for the construction of 16,000 classrooms to cater to these students.

“We are geared up for our children to enter Grade 9 next year. We’re commencing the construction of 16,000 classrooms; it’s a marathon, and Kenyans are not daunted by marathons,” affirmed Kipsang.

Basic education PS Belio Kipsang; Image/File

At a stakeholders’ forum held at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), Kipsang revealed that the ministry would introduce 12 legislations to offer guidance for the transition of pupils to senior school.

He empathized with parents’ concerns amidst the rigorous implementation of Junior Secondary School.

The ministry, he mentioned, is preparing to present a sessional paper aimed at reviewing students’ operational costs to ensure the adequate implementation of the CBC. Derived from the Presidential Working Party on Education Reforms (PWPER), this paper outlines a policy framework for sustainable planning in education, training, and research.

Kipsang assured that the government is dedicated to completing the current JSS cycle, facilitating a smooth transition for parents and children to senior secondary school.

The decision to retain Junior School within primary institutions aligns with the preferences expressed by education stakeholders during consultations conducted by the Presidential Working Party on Education Reforms. Kipsang highlighted that 93% of Kenyans supported this decision.

Nevertheless, this stance by the ministry has thwarted the efforts of some stakeholders who advocated for Grade 9 learners to be transferred to secondary schools. Recent demands from parents to relocate Grade 9 learners have reignited debate on the issue.

Early this year, the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) suggested splitting junior secondary into two, with Grade 9 moving to secondary school. This proposal, aiming to address challenges in the implementation of JSS, elicited varied reactions from stakeholders.


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