Ministry Circular: Guidelines for Managing 2024 KPSEA, KILEA, and KCSE Examinations

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Read the Ministry circular outlining guidelines for the management and quality assurance of registration for the 2024 KPSEA, KILEA, and KCSE examinations. Learn about the responsibilities of Sub-County Directors of Education and Quality Assurance and Standards Officers to ensure accurate and timely registration.

Ref. No.: MoE.CONF/G11/13/9
6th March, 2024

To: All Sub-County Directors of Education

All Quality Assurance and Standards Officers

Subject: Management and Quality Assurance of Registration for the 2024 KPSEA, KILEA, and KCSE Examinations


As we approach the registration period for the 2024 Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA), Kenya Intermediate Level Education Assessment (KILEA), and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations, it is imperative to address the challenges encountered in past years due to inaccuracies in registration data. This circular aims to ensure accuracy and efficiency in the registration process to facilitate the smooth conduct of national examinations.

  1. Sub-County Directors of Education (SCDEs) Responsibilities:
  • Ensure the eligibility of registered candidates by implementing effective mechanisms to prevent irregular transfers within sub-counties.
  • Verify the accuracy of registration data by facilitating candidates and their parents/guardians to review and confirm details before closure of the registration portal.
  • Oversee the payment of examination fees by ensuring that Centre Managers submit evidence of payment for repeaters, private candidates, and non-Kenyan citizens.
  1. Quality Assurance and Standards Officers (QASOs) Responsibilities:
  • Monitor the progress of registration by continuously overseeing the uploading of registration data to prevent last-minute rushes and errors.
  • Ensure adherence to regulations and timeframes specified in KNEC circulars regarding registration.
  • Verify the number of registered candidates against examination center capacity and vet requests for exemptions from hosting.

At the conclusion of the registration period, SCDEs and QASOs are required to sign accountability documents confirming the accurate and timely registration of eligible candidates in their sub-counties.

Your adherence to these guidelines is crucial for the effective management and conduct of the registration process.


Dr. Belio R. Kipsang, CBS
Principal Secretary

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